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Greater Portland Pricing

With Hello Alfred, you pay local prices, from carefully selected stores that your Alfred can visit while in your neighborhood.  Your Alfred will always aim to choose the best price for high quality.

We also apply a modest 5% service fee to the cost of goods when we’re asked to make a purchase on the client’s behalf. We’ve built this into our pricing to allow us to continuously invest in providing the highest quality service level to our clients.


 Home Cleaning Pricing

We coordinate home cleaning services—standard and special requests—based on your preferences and needs. Whether it’s a move-in, a move-out, or the aftermath of a big party, we have it covered.

24-hour cancellation 50% of booking

Bed/Bath Weekly Bi-Weekly Monthly
One-off /Initial clean
0/1 98 119 139 179
1/1 98 119 139 179
2/2 129 139 169 219
2/3 129 139 169 239
3/2 145 159 189 239
3/3 159 179 209 249

Handyman/Mount a TV/Frame Artwork

$90/hour 1 hour minimum

Cancellation 24 hours $90

Wait for a delivery

$30/hour 1 hour minimum


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