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What are your prices?

With Hello Alfred, you pay local prices, from carefully selected stores that your Alfred can visit while in your neighborhood.  Your Alfred will always aim to choose the best price for high quality.

We also apply a modest 5% service fee to the cost of goods when we’re asked to make a purchase on the client’s behalf. We’ve built this into our pricing to allow us to continuously invest in providing the highest quality service level to our clients.

Some of our services like home cleaning have market-specific pricing due to market conditions and vendors.

Grocery, Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Shoe Repair and Tailoring: 
We carefully select the stores that your Alfred can visit while in your neighborhood. We're happy to visit stores outside of our list as well, but keep in mind that location and other factors may result in a small fee.

Mail and Packages:
We work with UPS, FedEx, and the USPS. We default to standard shipping unless otherwise requested. Cost is based on weight, speed, and destination. Please visit the websites of our partners for additional pricing information. 

If the package weighs more than 30 lbs and/or is larger than what can be transported in a standard mail cart, we may need to arrange transportation at an additional fee. Please email us at to make arrangements. 



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